One Local Market Surpasses $1.3M in Average Price

In a real estate environment that’s seen increasing prices for years now, we are keen on noting barriers when they are broken. Most recently, in 2020, the yearly average sales price in Longmont finally blew past $500,000. That same year the Carbon Valley surpassed $400,000 in average price. Sellers love this kind of news. Buyers…not [...]

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Where is the Largest Supply of Affordable Homes?

Another great article from First American Title's own Odeta Kush. Where Can Potential First-Time Home Buyers Find the Largest Supply of Affordable Homes? Written by Odeta Kushi, Mar 23, 2021 6:30:00 AM In 2020, a combination of record low mortgage rates and millennials aging into homeownership boosted demand against a very limited supply of homes [...]

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Want to Build Equity? Buy a Home in Longmont.

If you want to build equity in a house, buy a home in Longmont. Better yet, buy a condo or townhome in Longmont. If you would have bought either one in 2014, you would now have an equity gain of over 60%. Many people couldn’t buy seven years ago and at this time last year, [...]

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Inventory Critically Low Amid Record Sales and Prices

  Last month we talked about the record prices seen in Longmont this year. A quick review for those who didn’t see the report – in 2020 we’ve experienced the 5 highest ever monthly average prices (make it 6 with this month’s results) and each of them was over $500k. Price is just one component [...]

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August Real Estate Prices Set New Record!

Local real estate sales in August 2020 just blew my mind! We are clear on what is happening around us economically due to the lock down restrictions. Retailers, restaurants and businesses, big and small are struggling. People are out of work and many have died, so why is real estate doing so darn well? There [...]

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Carbon Valley Awarded Market of the Year – In July!

We've been living in a record setting real estate market for several years. Every time we set a record, we break it. Even amidst a global pandemic, we set records to the downside, only to set new ones on the recovery. I think I'm getting whiplash. Let's see what surprises are in this month's report. [...]

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