August 2011 Longmont Stats

August 2011 Longmont KS The joy in "Stat-Land" (where my mind lives...part-time) is starting to set in. The trend predicted by myself, the esteemed LAR President, Dave Wagner, and few others is slowly coming to fruition. Steady, normal numbers for the final four months of the year will reveal the full story. With exactly 2/3 [...]

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July 2011 Longmont Statistics

Click here to see the report: July 2011 Longmont KS Longmont area sales look pretty impressive this month versus 2010. I told you this would happen several times - do you believe yet? The Predictor also has turned out to be a pretty darn accurate tool as well. Where do we start this month? There is [...]

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June 2011 Longmont Statistics

June 2011 Longmont If you recall my stats commentary from last month, I said "If we come even close to what The Predictor says for June, I will officially change my stance from optimistically neutral to outright positive." I am officially positive on the market now. In June, Longmont had the highest, non-incentive-ized sales total [...]

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May 2011 Longmont Statistics

May 2011 Longmont Good news, good news and more good news for May of 2011. First, the good news...all that garbage you have been reading about the housing market has nothing to do with Longmont or most of the rest of the Denver Metro real estate market. Sure we have our challenges, but doom and [...]

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April 2011 Longmont Statistics

April 2011 Longmont Do you remember 2009? The first part of that year was very similar to the start of 2011 so far. But in 2011, we are actually running at about a consistent 16% less volume each month compared to 2009. That kind of statistic brings out either the groans or the fangs. The [...]

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March 2011 Longmont Statistics

March 2011 Longmont KS The new rule for the next three months is...NO FREAKING OUT! In this report and the following three you WILL see some seriously negative numbers. The Longmont sales numbers are going to look bad, but as I always try to point out with this commentary and observation, there is always more [...]

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New Longmont Stats Format

January 2011 Longmont KS Well...this is a link to the new, updated Longmont Real Estate Statistics report that went out last week. It took some work to re-do the format while preserving the data behind it that isn't shown in the graph. I'm kind of a perfectionist with some things and this is one of [...]

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