I was hanging out in downtown Longmont this morning, seeing some clients, making a stop at Ziggy’s, and all these people were going in and out of a building carrying boxes. Upon further review, it was the Realtors at Re/Max Alliance moving into their new office space. (Here is some info on their move from the LDDA). I got the – not ready for prime time tour and this space is going to be awesome…exposed brick walls, welcoming entrance and lots of that old building, downtown charm. They are located just two doors east of Ziggy’s at 512 4th Avenue. Give them a few days to get moved in, then drop by to say hello and get the tour. Pictured below, standing in front of their new office space, from L to R are: Chris Martinez, Tom Pringle, Steven Noel, Erik Ingvaldsen and Erik’s better half, Jennifer Ingvaldsen