We are moving!

We’ve outgrown our starter space (as expected) and now we get our big-boy office. The integrity of the people at First American Title is simply amazing. They made promises to us when we opened a year ago and this is the fulfillment of that promise. We will be open July 3rd in the new space.

If you don’t recognize the address, it’s the Roosevelt Building at the corner of Longs Peak and Coffman. The parking is great. There is even free, covered parking on the north side of the Roosevelt Place Apartments…or Bin 46, however you choose to look at it. Hot closing tip – Bin 46 opens at 3pm, so set your closing time at 2 so you can walk across the street to celebrate. I’m not sure when the new signage will be up, so in the short term it’ll look like the photos below and we will be in the old Bank of Colorado space.

Our phones and email won’t change, just our location…oh, and those black awnings will be blue one day soon…with a big eagle above the door. Let me know if you have any questions.


Kyle Snyder