September 2011 Longmont KS

I’ll be the first to admit it, I am not perfect. And, by extension, the things I produce will not always be perfect. But I’m man enough to own up to these errors and correct them at the earliest moment. Two months ago, the monthly sold numbers were not added into the # Sold – YTD for 2010. It was a simple oversight and the numbers have all been corrected and double checked. The only impact on this report is that the total number of solds in the  year to year comparison has gone from a slightly positive number to a slightly negative one. Although I am disappointed in making the error, I am undeterred in my optimism for the market. It is, in fact, operating at normal volume levels. The Predictor said we should have 78 sales for the month of September and we came in at 76…pretty darn close to right-on-the-money.

The Predictor says 68 for October. If we hit that we will be back to where we were – just slightly above 2010 totals once again. Good luck with the last quarter of the year, and remember what they say: it isn’t how you start, but how you finish that counts… so finish strong.
Kyle Snyder