I could repeat my summary from February’s report for March. The only difference is that this report is even better than the last. The Predictor said we should have 73 and y’all sold 78; Average and Median Prices are up all over the place; inventory is still low and creating demand…what’s not to like?

In the not so near future (think early this fall), as Mary Steele of Wright Kingdom reminded me, we will have a Presidential election that could cause a little havoc in our business. Sales volume drops, interest rates fluctuate and confidence gets a little shaky with a pending election and all of the mud slinging that surrounds it. In the meantime, continue to project confidence and stability to your clients and take advantage of this upswing in the market.

In the meantime, Happy Easter and I have Bill Haas to win the Masters.


Kyle Snyder

P.S. Predictor says 86 sales in Longmont for April.

Click here of the .pdf version of March 2012 Longmont Stats