March 2011 Longmont KS

The new rule for the next three months is…NO FREAKING OUT! In this report and the following three you WILL see some seriously negative numbers. The Longmont sales numbers are going to look bad, but as I always try to point out with this commentary and observation, there is always more to the story than just the numbers.The sales volume we are experiencing right now is only slightly behind where The Predictor says we should be…to the tune of about 8%. The Year To Date sales volume compared to last year is double that, and the monthly sales volume is 4X that at over 33%! The good news in this story is that last years’ numbers were fake numbers. At least that’s what I call them because there is no correlation between those stimulus-fueled numbers and reality. This is true for both single family and attached homes in Longmont.

The sales that are occurring in Area 5 between Longmont and Boulder are truly impressive. How in the world can there be a 50+% increase in sales YTD? Talk about pent-up demand… This was the strongest area in all of Boulder County even last year. There is not huge volume in the $1M+ home market, so people must be finding real value in that half million dollar range. A little south of the half million dollar range is the Tri-Town area of Firestone, Frederick and Dacono with super strong sales last month. Keep those two outlying areas on your radar when showing properties to clients so that they too can take advantage of great pricing.

Predictor for April = 61