Another month has flown by and now we are starting to see the grass turn green. Pretty soon all those spring break photos on Facebook will be replaced with summer adventures, vacations and family fun. In the meantime, let’s get down to the business of stats and stuff going on around town.

Last month I made the point that the most recent winter months hadn’t shown a significant deviation of sales, inventory and Days on Market compared to the previous three winters. Since I have the data, this month’s graph shows the sales volume in Longmont for the 1st Quarter of 2019 compared to all years back to 2004. That’s 16 years’ worth of data proving the same thing I proved last month…there is noting to be concerned about in this market.

Some highlights:

Longmont Single Family – Slightly increased average sales price versus 2018 in March. The average is finally not being pulled up by a bunch of expensive homes. In fact, the two most expensive homes to sell last month were both in the $700’s. Only 12 of the 80 sales last month were reported as new-builds.

Longmont Attached Homes – That average sales price is ridiculously high! It almost reached $400k for the first time. Don’t worry, it’s not all that bad. There were 5 attached dwellings that sold for over $600,000 and all of them were brand new. Three of them were in Prospect that sold in the low $700’s, and two of them sold for cash. Don’t focus too much on the high DOM in this area, there were 12 new homes sold last month and 14 homes that were on the market for over 100 days. 11 of the 14 were from that group of new homes.

Boulder County Plains – I sometimes lose track of this area. Did you know that Willis Heights, Anhawa Manor and Prairie Knoll are all in Area 5? Area 5 might as well be Area 51 as far as I am concerned. It’s officially a totally different world when 25% of your monthly sales are over $1,000,000. That’s exactly what happened here in March. One sale was for $2.75M and another went for a cool $3 mil.

Carbon Valley – You know the world has changed dramatically when a modestly updated manufactured home in the Glens of Dacono sells for $221k…like one did in March. There was an impressive drop in DOM that would have been at 37 days if 3 new construction homes in Barefoot Lakes weren’t listed on the market for 304, 298 and 149 days. They didn’t even have permits 300 days ago…


March 2019 Longmont Sales Statistics (.pdf)

March 2019 Longmont Sales Statistics (.jpg)

This month, when you click on the links above to retrieve the stats you will be going to my new and improved web site at I hand built the last one myself back in about 2007. Well I didn’t have the time or inclination to relearn html and Word Press again, so I had a team of smart guys build it for me. One new addition in the Classes section. There are links to local and regional classes, as well as my favorite part – classes right here in my office. They will be small, intimate classes held on a wide variety of topics, so check back often at

Lastly, I’m involved with a local non-profit that feeds underprivileged kids on the weekends. The organization is called Colorado Friendship and has been around for 18 years. Local Rockstar Realtor Mary Colwell is on their Board, and the local Keller Williams office is facilitating an awareness event being held at Lifebridge Church on May 10th from 4-8. Come on out to this fun, family event and watch The Incredibles movie with the kids and learn how you can help support this important program.

Let me know when you are headed out to play golf. I’m ready.


Kyle Snyder