On the lighter side of the Longmont real estate business… This past week there were a couple of people in the Times-Call that you may know.

First of all, Damian Wise, a Realtor at Keller Williams here in Longmont we pictured with his daughter at the Hobbit Holiday at the Longmont Public Library. You can see Damian and his daughter Mallory (in the orange stripes) in the picture to the right.

Damian Wise

Then, the other day we have (pictured below) Clark Colwell. Clark is a junior and the third son of Mary Colwell at Wright Kingdom Real Estate here in Longmont. He is the one in green playing for the Niwot Cougars. Legend has it that he blocked the shot pictured.

Clarke Colwell








How fun to have your picture in the paper. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Kyle Snyder