June 2011 Longmont

If you recall my stats commentary from last month, I said “If we come even close to what The Predictor says for June, I will officially change my stance from optimistically neutral to outright positive.” I am officially positive on the market now.

In June, Longmont had the highest, non-incentive-ized sales total since August of 2008! It blew The Predictor out of the water and beat it for the third straight month. Sure, the overall sales total is down for the year, but we have talked about this before, last years’ are tax credit fueled. We are 5% ahead of 2009 on total sales YTD. This doesn’t mean that we will continue to skyrocket anywhere. It simply means we have reached some kind of balance where reasonable sellers are finding qualified buyers who are willing to invest in today’s market. A better description might be: we have finally found our new “normal”.

The sales totals beating The Predictor is exactly what we want to see. By the way, The Predictor said 95 for June and we reached 109 – a 12.8% margin. Beating the averages and setting sales records over some of the worst economic times is a true victory for our housing market. We are headed in the right direction. Here is an article from Bloomberg that even says so: http://tinyurl.com/42fhw92 …and that’s national news. So, if it’s getting better out there, it’s definitely getting better around here. We sink before the coasts and we rise before they do…it happens every time. Don’t let your buyers sit on the fence any longer. Get them to believe. Get them to commit.

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For July, The Predictor says: 101