Ho-hum. It’s just another report that blows the doors off last year…and several other recent years. I have simply run out of superlatives to describe the trend of this market. You know things are headed in the right direction when the four and a half years of printed data on my wall doesn’t go back far enough to find the last time we were here. I actually had to go looking for the historical data that builds the graphs in these reports to find what I was looking for…Eureka!

  • The 136 single family sold units in July is the highest number for this in any month of any year since August of 2005!
  • The 35 sold attached dwellings sold in one month is the highest since we started collecting that information in January of 2008.
  • The 630 sold SFR units is the highest YTD total since 2008.
  • The YTD totals for both Area 5 and the Tri-Town area are the highest since 2007!

One of the prettiest things on the graph is to see that bright blue line that represents July 2012. That pretty blue bar is higher than any of those orange bars that represent the first time home buyer tax credit months. Just about anyone who thought about it would have thought it was going to be years before we surpassed any of those months. The blue bar even blew away The Predictor by 28. As you know, I’m kind of proud of my invention of The Predictor. In the 2.5 years since it’s inception, it was off by 15 one time…another time it was off by twelve. Both of those prediction errors were on the low side, but most of the time it’s + or – 5. To be off 28? I can’t wait until next month because it says 125 for August. And even though that is the highest number I have ever published as a prediction…I’m sticking with it. This ain’t over yet folks.

Download the stats report below.

July 2012 Stats in .pdf



Kyle Snyder

For an interesting historical perspective, below is a custom graph with all single family sales data included since 2004. It’s just too much to be included in this monthly report, but neat to see once in a while to see where we have been…and hopefully where we are going.