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The story hasn’t changed here folks, but I think I have found some inventory for you and more relief may be on the way. But, before we get into where the inventory can be found, let’s take a quick look at some numbers in the chart.

Monthly and yearly sales totals are DOWN in all areas of this report. As we discussed several times, it isn’t all due to the rising prices, but the lack of inventory is having a huge impact on this market right now. The buyers are still there and there are more coming every day. Average and median prices for single family homes in Longmont and the Carbon Valley are still on their steep increase of 10-11% YoY. The Boulder County Plains, which carry a significantly higher price point, are still increasing, but at a slightly slower pace. This is to be expected.

Just like last month, the very high DOM, average, and median prices of attached homes in Longmont are due to the new construction townhomes in the southwest part of town that are selling above $350k. For comparisons sake, of the 32 attached sales in May, there were 23 resales which had an average price of $276,718, median price of $257,000 and 23 Days on Market.


I took this photo while playing Hiwan Golf Club in Evergreen on 6/5/16. There were 7 elk on the course and they were very pleasant.

I took this photo while playing Hiwan Golf Club in Evergreen on 6/5/16. There were 7 elk on the course and they were very pleasant.

May 2016 Longmont Area Stats
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The graph this month is simple, but revealing. It shows a number of different price bands and where the sales are occurring. It looks like the sweet spot for selling max’s out at about $400k. I was going to bring in the DOM for each price breakdown, but thought of that after I’d done all the work. Maybe next month.

I claim to have found the inventory in the area. When I pulled stats for this month I checked the Active only listings and there were 90 on June 6. Of those 90, 23 (or 25.6%) of them are new construction. Some of them are ready now and some are yet to be finished. Not all builders put their homes in the MLS, so I did some digging and have come up with a list of new construction projects to take your sellers. Sellers are having a bit of a hard time finding a replacement home so here you go; get them into one of these and list their home for sale about 45 days before it closes. It’s a little less risky on their part because they know they are getting a new home, under warranty and they can get all those nice new things they want in their home. Plus, they don’t get “stuck” just taking what’s available on the market at the time.

The list I made is of all the new home communities and builders in the area I could come up with. I will only keep track of ones in Longmont, Berthoud, Mead, Niwot, and the Carbon Valley. The bottom section of my list is taken right from the City of Longmont’s Active Developments Log and represents mostly lots that are in the process of getting approvals to build on. The bottom line here is that there are about 450 single family or attached homes that will be coming up for sale here in Longmont in the next couple of years. Additionally, there are over 800 lots being planned right now. Maybe it’s time to have your sellers look at new construction.

I hope you have fun spreading this new knowledge of the Longmont market around this upcoming year.