Just in Case You Missed This

On the lighter side of the Longmont real estate business... This past week there were a couple of people in the Times-Call that you may know. First of all, Damian Wise, a Realtor at Keller Williams here in Longmont we pictured with his daughter at the Hobbit Holiday at the Longmont Public Library. You can see [...]

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Re/Max Alliance – Longmont…Downtown

I was hanging out in downtown Longmont this morning, seeing some clients, making a stop at Ziggy's, and all these people were going in and out of a building carrying boxes. Upon further review, it was the Realtors at Re/Max Alliance moving into their new office space. (Here is some info on their move from [...]

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With a little help from a friend(s)…

The creation of LongmontTitle.com was a long and slow process. I built nearly everything you see here myself. Not only was it a huge challenge, it was very interesting and fun for me. It's always interesting to figure out and learn something new. It also came with a lot of frustrations, a delayed launch and [...]

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October 2011 Longmont Area Statistics

We have all asked ourselves and others about when this market would return to normal. The problem with the question is that there is no standard definition of normal. To most Realtors and consumers, normal is a reference to a better time in the past when sales flourished, prices were climbing, and frankly, when business [...]

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Building Permit Requirements in Longmont

I just came across this information the other day and thought I'd share it with you. When is a Building Permit Required? ...in Longmont? Check out this document that comes directly from the Longmont's Chief Building Official Chris Allison. You can contact his office at 303-651-8332 with questions. Who knew you had to get a [...]

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July 2011 Longmont Statistics

Click here to see the report: July 2011 Longmont KS Longmont area sales look pretty impressive this month versus 2010. I told you this would happen several times - do you believe yet? The Predictor also has turned out to be a pretty darn accurate tool as well. Where do we start this month? There is [...]

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June 2011 Longmont Statistics

June 2011 Longmont If you recall my stats commentary from last month, I said "If we come even close to what The Predictor says for June, I will officially change my stance from optimistically neutral to outright positive." I am officially positive on the market now. In June, Longmont had the highest, non-incentive-ized sales total [...]

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